Online casino is one of the areas of gambling business, which reflects the results of the technical achievements and development of Internet technologies.

Nowadays, gamers with smartphones can get access to any casino from all over the world, which is especially important in a modern pandemic situation.

So, what devices are utilized in online casinos? How to get the best game experience using them? What are pros and cons of each device?

In this brief overview, you’ll find answers to these questions.


Smartphones slot game

According to statistics, smartphones are the most frequently used digital devices, including in the gambling sphere.

You can log in to a mobile casino online just with a few clicks and enjoy games on the go.


  1. Small size.
  2. Good battery life (at least, on modern models).
  3. The ability to work with high-speed Internet.


  1. The size of the screen. You may not always be able to read the text (especially on sites, which are not mobile-friendly) or operate with a big number of small buttons (as is the case with sports betting).

Tablets can also be included in this category. They are like an intermediate link between smartphones and desktops or laptops. These devices are slightly less portable but offer significantly better graphics quality.

Desktops and Laptops

Desktop computer

Desktop computers are the best option if you are going to play from home. With their help, you can plunge deeper into the gameplay and interact with live dealers.


  1. The best performance, which makes the gameplay comfortable and provides access to any, even resource-intensive games.
  2. The best graphics quality.


  1. Perhaps, the only drawback of desktop computers is their portability.

Laptops are also included in this section since they have a lot in common with  PCs. However, they are more portable because don’t require a separate working place.

VR devices

VR devices for casino

Glasses and virtual reality helmets brought the whole gambling sphere to an absolutely new level. And the main reason for that is because they offer you a complete plunge into the gaming environment.

With the help of VR technology, even playing free slots online becomes interactive and more realistic.


  1. Interaction with dealers in real-time.
  2. High-level and detailed reproduction of the casino atmosphere (sounds, noises, and so on).
  3. A new level of intra-game communication. Now you can not only drop a text message but also start an audio chat with other players.
  4. The ability to examine the behavior and movements of your opponents that can significantly impact the game outcome.


  1. Optimization. Since this is a relatively new technology, it still should be honed. For example, during the game process, you may experience various audio or video artifacts, which may affect the gameplay.
  2. High prices. First of all, it concerns the cost of the virtual reality devices themselves. Depending on the brand and technical capabilities, such devices can cost from $300 to more than $1000. Secondly, the casino must invest a considerable amount for the purchasing and implementation of the apt software on their platform.